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  • Monash Biomedical Imaging Pre-Clinical Symposium

    If you think any of your projects could benefit from utilising non-invasive methodologies to image structural and functional changes in live animals, you should attend this symposium. The talks will cover research projects that utilise:

    • High-field MRI
    • PET-Molecular Imaging
    • ultrasound. 

    Download the event flyer for full details.


    The final Education & Training Committee workshop for 2016 will be on Leadership in Collaborative Research. The workshop will be held in Adelaide on the day before the Annual Research Workshop, 10am - 4pm Tuesday 6 December.

    The all-day workshop is for CBNS postdoctoral researchers and PhD students who are looking to increase their leadership skills, particular within collaborative research activities. It has been developed by Dr Zach Houston (Education Committee member at UQ) with Hugh Kearns from ThinkWell.

  • This free all-day workshop will focus on the latest developments in antibody engineering across a variety of applications that include diagnostic/bioanalytical reagents and associated medical devices, imaging/theranostics, biologic medicines and targeted nanomedicines.


    2016 CBNS Annual Research Workshop

    The 2016 CBNS Research Workshop for CBNS staff and students will be held from 12.30pm Wednesday 7 December to 1.30pm Friday 9 December at the Novotel, Barossa Valley.

    The aims of the workshop are to: