36th Australasian Polymer Symposium

20 Nov 2016 to 23 Nov 2016
Lorne, Victoria

36APS is anticipated to attract around 250 academics, researchers, research students and industrial professionals from universities, research organisations and polymer industry in the polymer field in Australia, New Zealand and around the world; including the current world-leaders in polymer research. Build and maintain relationships with fellow symposium delegates in a relaxed yet informative environment during the event. Learn what’s happening now in the Australasian polymer research and industry, and show your commitment to the sector and support the community. Join in formal and informal discussions that covers areas of polymer science, engineering and technologies from the latest innovations in synthesis, characterization, processing and modelling to the advanced applications of polymers in health, energy and sustainability as well as future materials and devices.

The RACI Polymer Division was formed in 1964 with the objective of advancing the theory and practice of polymer science in Australia. Even though the Polymer Division is part of a Chemical Institute, the Division has always looked beyond the chemistry of polymers and takes a broader view to encompass chemical, physical, engineering and industrial aspects of polymers. A feature of the Polymer Division’s activities has been the participation of chemists, physicists, engineers, mathematicians and biologists with an interest in polymers. Polymer Division meetings bring together industrialists and academic and government polymer scientists and technologists from all over Australasia and from overseas.

Find out more at the 36APS website.