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PhD student
University of Queensland
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I am a PhD student under the supervision of Professor Rob Parton and associate supervisor Angus Johnston.

Originally from Brisbane, I completed a Bachelor of Science (Hons 1) in developmental biology in the lab of Professor Melissa Little at the IMB. My current research seeks to develop a novel drug delivery vehicle that can be used to target and unload cargo in specific cell and tissue types in the vertebrate body and to generate vaccines. Over the last few years, the Parton lab has established a method for creating nano-sized vesicles that bud from the plasma membrane of bacteria. These unique nanovesicles, termed ‘caveospheres’, contain a mammalian protein called caveolin embedded in the nanovesicle membrane and can be purified from bacteria. Preliminary work has shown these caveolin proteins can also be modified to possess different tags and that caveospheres can encapsulate dyes and drugs. Building on this work, I aim to design, characterise and test different caveospheres for targeted drug delivery to specific cell types in vitro and in vivo.