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formerly PhD student
University of Queensland
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Dr Nathan Boase was a PhD student under the supervision of A/Prof Kristofer Thurecht, completing a thesis on “Hyperbranched Polymers for In Vivo Multimodal Molecular Imaging Agents”. Nathan’s project looked at developing methodologies for the labelling of polymeric nanomaterials and their subsequent imaging with preclinical modalities, such as whole animal fluorescence imaging and PET. Nathan used these techniques to begin to understand how the physicochemical properties of the nanomaterials affects their behaviour in animal models for disease.

During his PhD Nathan presented at a range of internationally recognised conferences such as the Australian Polymer Symposium, International Nanomedicine Conference, World Molecular Imaging Congress and was awarded a prize for the best oral presentation at the International Conference on BioNano Innovation in 2014. He was also an invited speaker at the 6th Asian Federation of Laboratory Animal Science Associations conference, sharing his experience in using preclinical imaging for evaluating novel nanomedicines. During his time as a PhD student, Nathan was also heavily involved in student organisations, science outreach programs and other leadership and mentoring programs.

Nathan has since joined the Queensland University of Technology as an Associate Lecturer in Chemistry, where he is investigating novel polymeric materials to prevent biofouling.