CBNS researcher, Jeroen Goos visits the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre

Monday, December 19, 2016

We recently spoke with Dr Jeroen Goos about his visit to The Jason Lewis Lab, a specialist positron emission tomography (PET) lab in New York’s prestigious Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre.

Jeroen GoosAn expert in cancer research from The Netherlands, Jeroen now holds a post doctorate position at the CBNS where he is one of the leaders in medical imaging.

Through his PhD, Jeroen developed a new type of PET tracer that aids in gaining a more accurate understanding of the location and inner biology of cancer cells.

Jeroen’s research now focuses on combining polymers and radioactive isotopes to transport PET tracers with greater accuracy to cancer cells – in order to provide more detailed, higher contrast images than are currently available to oncologists.

Ultimately, the advancement that Jeroen and his team at the CBNS are working on will allow more precision targeting for the treatment of tumor cells, potentially leading to improved clinical imaging and faster eradication of tumor cells.

Jeroen explained that being able to visit and access the expertise and facilities at The Jason Lewis Lab was an incredible opportunity. Not only is Jason Lewis a world leader in the field of PET imaging, but the lab itself allows faster and more integrated research.

This can occur because of the Memorial Sloan’s rare combination of access to materials labs, radiochemistry facilities, a pre-clinical department and an operational hospital, allowing clinical trials. This perfect infrastructure for the development of new PET imaging technology is a significant benefit that researchers at the CBNS have the potential to access.

Jeroen visited the lab with CBNS colleague, Dr Simon Puttick from The University of Queensland for two weeks during October. Both had the opportunity to expand their networks, forming potential future collaborative partners, not to mention the experience of ‘the big apple’.

We look forward to following the progress of Jeroen’s research into PET imaging. 

​[Images: Top - Jeroen at Time Square. Bottom - The Jason Lewis Lab (Jason Lewis front right)]