CBNS seminar: Infrared microscopy beamline at the Australian Synchrotron

3 Apr 2017
Monash University, Parkville Campus 381 Royal Parade Pharmacy Large Meeting Room/Annex (Level 5, Building 404) Parkville, VIC 3052

About the Infrared Microspectroscopy (IRM) beamline

The Australian Synchrotron's Infrared Microspectroscopy (IRM) beamline combines the high brilliance and high collimation of the synchrotron beam with a Bruker V80v Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometer and a Hyperion 2000 IR microscope to reach high signal-to-noise ratios at diffraction limited spatial resolutions; between 3-8 μm. This makes the beamline ideally suited to the analysis of microscopic samples e.g. small particles and thin layers within complex matrices, or thin coatings on surfaces. In addition, a Hyperion 3000 Focal Plane Array (FPA) FTIR microscope is also installed offline at the beamline. This allows users to collect large area overview IR images from their samples prior to high resolution mapping using the beamline instrument.


FTIR microspectroscopy beamline - Mark Tobin and Keith Bambery
THz/Far IR beamline - Dom Appadoo

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Further information

  • The seminar will take place on Monday 3 April 2017. 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

  • The seminar is limited to 35 registrants.

  • For catering purposes, please register by Thursday 30 March 2017.

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