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formerly PhD student
Monash University
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Dr Matt Crum was a PhD student under the primary supervision of Prof Chris Porter, his thesis was entitled “Development of a coupled in vitro lipid digestion - in vivo absorption model to evaluate oral drug absorption from lipid-based formulations”. Matt's project looked at developing a novel preclinical model to probe the role of supersaturation in drug absorption from digesting lipid-based formulations.

During his PhD, he was the recipient of the Lipid based Drug Delivery Graduate Award at the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Annual Meeting and Exposition held in Orlando, USA in October 2015. Sponsored by Gattefossé, the award highlights excellence in research conducted at graduate level on the application of lipid excipients in the development of novel and effective drug delivery systems for oral and topical routes of administration.

He has since joined Hospira (a Pfizer company) at its Mulgrave site on their R&D Professional Development Program.