Polymer Vic 2016

4 Jul 2016 to 5 Jul 2016
Cossar Hall, Monash University (Parkville campus)

​PolymerVic is a two day technology workshop held in July each year to highlight world-class Victorian polymer research, and to facilitate increased industry-academic engagement in Victoria.

Now in its third year, PolymerVic 2016 will encompass “Polymers in Biotechnology and Medicine” and “Young Victorian Polymer Researchers”.

Invited Speakers include:
Prof. Vincent Rotello, UMass Amherst
Jason Hayes, VP, MiniFAB
Dr. Michelle Carey, SDI Limited
Prof. Tom Davis, Monash University
Prof. Neil Cameron, Monash University
Prof. Laurence Meagher, Monash University
Prof. Tong Lin, Deakin University

More information, and to register on the website