The research focus of the CBNS is to understand the bio-nano interface to better predict, control and visualise the myriad interactions that occur between nanomaterials and the biological environment.

  • Predict We aim to accurately predict nanoparticle fate using laboratory based tools and analysis
  • Control We seek to precisely control the routes of uptake of nanomaterials into cells and their subsequent delivery to intracellular compartments
  • Visualise We are developing visualisation methods that show the complexity of bio-nano interactions.

Signature ProjectsOur research is exemplified in the Signature Projects. These interdisciplinary, multi-university, collaborative activities address the significant, specific, scientific challenges in bio-nano science. 

Theme Research - The foundations of CBNS research are the four theme areas: delivery systems; vaccines; imaging technologies; and sensors and diagnostics, which capture the ultimate application end points of the research.

Centre-wide research - There are three research activities that bridge all four of the research themes — visualisation, social dimensions, computational and systems biology.

Finally, our Strategic Projects meet the broader objectives of the CBNS to increase collaboration whilst extending our research capabilities.

Our 200+ researchers collaborate on projects that span the various nodes and diverse capabilities within the Centre. Research leaders work closely with research partners in industry and the health sector, along with the CBNS Scientific Advisory Board, to identify breakthrough discoveries and to uncover industrial bottlenecks and challenges that might usefully be addressed by the Centre’s research.