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A capped dipeptide which simultaneously exhibits gelation and crystallization behavior Martin, A.D., Wojciechowski, J.P., Bhadbhade, M.M., Thordarson, P. Langmuir 2016 Vol. 32, Issue 9, 2245-2250 Delivery Systems
A comparison of differently synthesized gold-coated magnetic nanoparticles as 'dispersible electrodes' MoraesSilva, S., Tavallaie, R., TanzirulAlam, M., Chuah, K., Gooding, J.J. Electroanalysis 2016 Vol. 28, Issue 3, 431-438 Sensors and Diagnostics
A framework to account for sedimentation and diffusion in particle-cell interactions Cui, J.; Faria, M.; Björnmalm, M.; Ju, Y.; Suma, T.; Gunawan, S.T.; Richardson, J.J.; Heidari, H.; Bals, S.; Crampin, E.J.; Caruso, F. Langmuir 2016 Vol. 32, Issue 47, 12394-12402 Delivery Systems
A photonic glucose biosensor for chronic wound prognostics Krismastuti, F.S.H.; Brooks, W.L.A.; Sweetman, M.J.; Sumerlin, B.S.; Voelcker, N.H. Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2014 Vol. 2, Issue 2, 3972-3983 Sensors and Diagnostics
A scalable label-free approach to separate human pluripotent cells from differentiated derivatives Willoughby, N.A., Bock, H., Hoeve, M.A., Pells, S., Williams, C., McPhee, G., Freile, P., Choudhury, D., De Sousa, P.A. Biomicrofluidics 2016 Vol. 10, Issue 1, 014107 Sensors and Diagnostics
Achieving HIV-1 control through RNA-directed gene regulation Klemm, V.; Mitchell, J.; Cortez-Jugo, C.; Cavalieri, F.; Symonds, G.; Caruso, F.; Kelleher, A.D.; Ahlenstiel, C. Genes 2016 Vol. 7, Issue 12, 119 Delivery Systems
Activation of mu opioid receptors sensitizes transient receptor potential vanilloid type 1 (TRPV1) via β-arrestin-2-mediated cross-talk. Rowan, M.P., Bierbower, S.M., Eskander, M.A., Szteyn, K., Por, E.D., Gomez, R., Veldhuis, N., Bunnett, N.W., Jeske, N.A. PLoS ONE 2014 Vol. 9, Issue 4, e93688 Delivery Systems
Ag nanoparticle/polydopamine-coated inverse opals as highly efficient catalytic membranes Choi, G.H., Rhee, D.K., Park, A.R., Oh, M.J., Hong, S., Richardson, J.J., Guo, J., Caruso, F., Yoo, P.J. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2016 Vol. 8, Issue 5, 3250-3257 Delivery Systems
Analysing intracellular deformation of polymer capsules using structured illumination microscopy Chen, X., Cui, J., Sun, H., Müllner, M., Yan, Y., Noi, K.F., Ping, Y., Caruso, F. Nanoscale 2016 Vol. 8, Issue 23, 11924-11931 Delivery Systems!divAbstract
Anhydrate to hydrate solid-state transformations of carbamazepine and nitrofurantoin in biorelevant media studied in situ using time-resolved synchrotron X-ray diffraction Boetker, J.P., Rantanen, J., Arnfast, L., Doreth, M., Raijada, D., Loebmann, K., Madsen, C., Khan, J., Rades, T., Müllertz, A., Hawley, A., Thomas, D., Boyd, B.J. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 2016 Vol. 100, 119-127 Delivery Systems
Antibacterial properties of nitric oxide-releasing porous silicon nanoparticles Hasanzadeh Kafshgari, M.; Delalat, B.; Harding, F.J.; Cavallaro, A.; Mäkilä, E.; Salonen, J.; Vasilev, K.; Voelcker, N.H. Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2016 Vol. 4, Issue 11, 2051-2058 Delivery Systems
Antibody responses with Fc-mediated functions after vaccination of HIV-infected subjects with trivalent influenza vaccine Kristensen, A.B.; Lay, W.N.; Ana-Sosa-Batiz, F.; Vanderven, H.A.; Madhavi, V.; Laurie, K.L.; Carolan, L.; Wines, B.D.; Hogarth, M.; Wheatley, A.K.; Kent, S.J. Journal of Virology 2016 Vol. 90, Issue 12, 5724-5734 Vaccines
Antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity against reactivated HIV-1-infected cells Lee, W.S., Richard, J., Lichtfuss, M., Smith, A.B., Park, J., Courter, J.R., Melillo, B.N., Sodroski, J.G., Kaufmann, D.E., Finzi, A., Parsons, M.S., Kent, S.J. Journal of Virology 2016 Vol. 90, Issue 4, 2021-2030 Vaccines
Antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity and influenza virus Vanderven, H.A., Jegaskanda, S., Wheatley, A.K., Kent, S.J. Current Opinion in Virology 2017 Vol. 22, 89-96 Vaccines
Application of heterocyclic polymers in the ratiometric spectrophotometric determination of fluoride Hu J., Whittaker M.R., Davis T.P., Quinn J.F. ACS Macro Letters 2015 Vol. 4, Issue. 2, 236-241 Delivery Systems
Application of positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy (PALS) to study the nanostructure in amphiphile self-assembly materials: Phytantriol cubosomes and hexosomes Dong, A.W., Fong, C., Waddington, L.J., Hill, A.J., Boyd, B.J., Drummond, C.J. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2015 Vol. 17, Issue 3, 1705-1715 Delivery Systems
Approaches toward allowing electroanalytical devices to be used in biological fluids Barfidokht, A., Gooding, J.J. Electroanalysis 2014 Vol. 26, Issue 6, 1182 - 1196 Sensors and Diagnostics
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Biased signaling of protease-activated receptors. Zhao, P., Metcalf, M., Bunnett, N.W. Frontiers in Endocrinology 2014 Vol. 13, Issue 5, 67 Delivery Systems