Signature Projects

The Centre’s research program is exemplified by the CBNS signature projects. In these interdisciplinary and collaborative research activities we aim to advance our fundamental understanding of the bio-nano interface, at a range of scales—cell, cell cluster or tumour, and organ level. This knowledge enables prediction, control and visualisation of the bio-nano interface resulting in improved vaccine delivery, increased drug efficacy, and enhanced imaging and diagnostics.

The CBNS signature projects have been developed to address significant, unanswered questions that cannot be solved by small groups over short periods of time with comparatively narrow expertise. 

A bio-nano imaging signature project is being formulated and will build on the outcomes of the first phase signature projects.

Interdisciplinary and multi-nodal signature project teams have formed with the shared goal of addressing these challenges and increasing our understanding of the bio-nano interface.

We leverage these advances in fundamental bio-nano science to enable the development of novel and innovative technologies.