Social dimensions of bio-nanotechnologies

Theme leader: Associate Professor Matthew Kearnes, University of New South Wales

­The Social Dimensions theme spans research on the governance and regulation of the technology; and analysis of interactions between changes to heath provision, technological innovation, and questions of public good and social values.

​Through structured interactions with the other ​research themes including research placements in CBNS nodes and at partner institutions, and the use of public and stakeholder engagement techniques, ​this research advances current approaches to the anticipatory analysis of nanotechnological innovation, including dimensions of social adaptation, the potential for public controversy, and related issues of political legitimacy. The research is addressing fundamental questions of how governments should approach science, technology and innovation – particularly in the area of nanomaterials research – in an anticipatory fashion, despite intensifying uncertainties about the future.

CBNS Annual Reports provide details of the research of the theme.