Strategic Projects

In addition to the research undertaken in the four themes and the Centre-wide research, the CBNS provides funding for activities that help meet the strategic objectives of the Centre. The strategic projects all contribute to our outreach program to increase awareness of bio-nano science.

The criteria for strategic funding support are that projects:

  • Involve collaboration between at least two CIs or members of their research groups
  • Involve collaboration between at least two nodes
  • Introduce skills, expertise or activities not presently available within the Centre
  • Have a duration no longer than two years (although after two years it will be possible to apply for additional funding to continue the project). 
  • Address at least one non-research KPI (such as research training, linkages etc. Further details in the proposal form)
  • Not exceed an annual cost of $100,000 

CBNS researchers who are interested in applying for strategic funding should contact the CBNS Manager to obtain the fund guidelines and application form, or discuss their ideas with the CBNS Director.


In addition to supporting CBNS workshops and training activities, strategic funding has been provided to these projects:

Journey to the Centre of the Cell - Dr John McGhee

  • This project is creating a high quality animation and virtual reality experience, using data from CBNS researchers and instrumentation, to visualise the complex processes that occur in cells. 

Open Data Fit - A/Prof Pall Thordarson

  • ​This project is creating a portfolio of websites that bring together tools and information of relevance to the CBNS community. The parent site, Open Data Fit (, is up and running and links to the various tools will become active as they develop:
    • Polymer chemistry
    • Enzymes (Michaelis-Menten kinetics, binding constants, etc)
    • Chemical kinetics (simulator comparing first and second order kinetics)
    • Pharmacokinetics (IC50 values)
    • Supramolecular chemistry
    • Systems biology